Sigurður Skúlason

Til baka


Sigurður Skúlason was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 1946. He graduated from The Commercial College of Iceland in 1966 and from The Drama School of The National Theatre of Iceland in 1967.

At the age of ten Sigurður appeared for the first time on stage at The National Theatre but joined the theatre´s acting company as a permanent member shortly after finishing Drama School.

He has been a sought after actor for a wide variety of roles, serious and humorus, not only on stage but also for radio, television and films, by authors as far apart as Shakespeare, Chekhov and Ibsen and the ones that write the most frivolous comedies. In the span of his career these roles amount to aprroximately two hundred on stage alone.

A trade mark are Sigurður´s highly popular poetry recitals as well as his readings for audio-books and radio, and narrations for television programs. He has even rendered stories and poems in sign language on television.

Sigurður finds time to do his own writings and has had books of micro-stories and poetry published as well as different articles in newspapers and magazines and a variety of translations has reached the public´s eyes and ears.

Directing plays for the radio has also been among his activities together with teachings around Iceland and at The Icelandic Academy of The Arts in the form of courses in voice production and the delivery of text (the written word).

Sigurður´s artistic efforts have led to several nominations and awards for excellency in their (cultural) field.

In 2007 Sigurður retired from The National Theatre and is now a free-lance artist living in Reykjavík.